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Cool Star® tandem condensing units are a simpler alternative to rack units. The oil management is replaced by a direct connection of the compressors. The cooling capacity is controlled in the range of 0-50-100 %. In the case of the Copeland Digital compressor, the units provide precise control of evaporation pressure and temperature at different loads.

The units are suitable for use in HVAC systems and for systems with multiple loads, eg. in supermarkets, food processing, manufacturing and technological facilities etc.


The units are designed to operate with conventional group A1 HFC refrigerant, depending on the compressor type and operating conditions. Depending on the type of refrigerant used, the range of evaporation temperatures is from -50 °C to +20 °C. For higher evaporation temperatures and / or higher ambient temperatures, the units are equipped with a larger condenser for trouble-free operation. The units are supplied with a protective inert gas fill.

Standard unit content

  • steel base
  • compressors
  • air-cooled condenser
  • liquid refrigerant receiver
  • rotalock valves
  • terminal board
  • dual pressure switch
  • individual high pressure pressure switches
  • differential pressure switch for semi-hermetic compressor units
  • pressure transmitters
  • discharge temperature sensor for digital compressors
  • piping
  • electrical connection

Standard compressor series

  • Copeland Scroll ZR, ZB, ZF, ZF EVI, Copeland Semi-Hermetic Standard, Stream
  • Copeland Scroll Digital ZBD and ZFD, Copeland Stream Digital compressors with continuous Capacity modulation
  • Bitzer

Optional accessories

  • electrical switchboard (remote or unit-mounted)
  • crankcase heater
  • condensing pressure control by fan cycling
  • fan speed control
  • outdoor unit cover

Non-standard design

  • remote air-cooled condenser
  • water cooled condenser
  • heat recovery
  • oil level monitoring
  • oil separator
  • suction accumulator
  • liquid line (filter drier, solenoid valve, sight glass)