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K a S is a successful production and distribution company. We are experts in the field of refrigeration equipment, with more than 25 years of experience on the market.

We produce cooling and freezing systems under our own brand Cool Star®.

We design and manufacture cooling kits for commercial and industrial refrigeration. Kits are suitable for example in supermarkets, retail chains, logistics centers, food processing and HVAC systems. The solution is always customized according to demand.

We always offer highly qualified technical assistance for all the production range.

We supply a comprehensive range of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, cooling circuit components, assembly material and consumables, accessories and spare parts used in home, commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Other servicess

  • Door to door delivery of the goods in fixed schedule.
  • Thematic seminars and trainings for professionals.
  • Collecting and disposing of used refrigerants and oils.
  • Testing and certification according to European Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/2067.