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Cool Star® electric switchboards ensure trouble-free and efficient operation of refrigeration units and cooling kits. The board includes cable glands that allow easy installation while retaining the degree of protection. If necessary, it is possible to replace the components quickly.


The electrical switchboards are offered in two lines – Standard and Economy. We manufacture custom-made switchboards equipped according to the customer request. The switchboards can be mounted directly on the cooling unit or delivered separately for wall mounting.

Standard line

The Standard line of switchboards include a Dixell electronic controller or other manufacturers‘ controller as required. The switchboards are fitted with circuit breakers and control elements for individual parts of the cooling circuit. IP 65 rated plastic board or IP 66 rated steel sheet board in the case of higher current ratings.

Economy line

The Economy line of switchboards include Dixell electronic controller and a common circuit breaker. Plastic board with IP 65 protection. The switchboards are suitable for most cooling kits with single-phase compressors. The switchboards can also be used to control unit coolers in multiple refrigeration systems.


Standard equipment

Circuit breakers and control elements (single phase and three phase versions from 2 to 160 A as specified) for:

  • compressor
  • air-cooled condenser fans
  • unit cooler fans
  • electric defrost
  • solenoid valve
  • crankcase heater

  • Terminals for connection of dual pressure switch
  • LED alarm indication and / or alarm terminal
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Unit cooler coil temperature sensor

Optional equipment

  • Condensing pressure control by fan cycling
  • Fan speed control
  • Phase sequence monitoring
  • Pump-down control
  • Sound alarm indication
  • Anti-cycle relay

Non-standard switchboards

Non-standard features, such as:

  • digital compressor control
  • multiple compressors control
  • multiple condenser fans control
  • special compressor‘s start up
  • control of compressor with inverter
  • discharge temperature monitoring
  • oil level monitoring
  • oil pressure monitoring