Cool Star® ammonia chillers with very low refrigerant charge can be used for commercial and industrial applications such as cold and freeze stores, air conditioning, various technological processes, machine cooling, ice rink cooling, etc. The ammonia chillers are suitable for outdoor installation.


The units are designed to operate with ammonia refrigerant (R717). Ammonia is a natural refrigerant with zero GWP and ODP, the use of which is not restricted with the Regulation (EU) on fluorinated greenhouse gases. It is characterized by high efficiency and low price. Depending on the compressor type and operating conditions, the liquid output temperature range is from -40 °C to +30 °C. The units are supplied with a protective inert gas fill.

Standard unit content

  • covered steel frame
  • piston or screw compressor
  • crankcase heater
  • motor
  • coupling
  • air-cooled condenser
  • welded plate evaporator
  • water cooled cylinder heads (if necessary due to designed operating conditions)
  • oil management
  • flow switch
  • piping
  • electrical switchboard and connection

Standard compressor series

  • Bitzer open-type piston compressor W…A
  • Bitzer open-type screw compressor OS…A

Optional accessories

  • inverter for continuous cooling capacity modulation
  • mechanical cooling capacity control according to compressor type
  • condensing pressure control by fan cycling
  • fan speed control
  • hydraulic module

Non-standard design

  • remote air-cooled condenser
  • remote electrical switchboard
  • water cooled condenser
  • heat recovery